2007 Triennial Meeting

Nantes, France, October 8-12, 2007

More than 50 participants from 13 countries met October 7-12, 2007, for the fourth triennial meeting of the International Fellowship of Free Will Baptist Churches. The meeting, hosted by local French congregations, featured worship, fellowship, and business carried out in a spirit of international solidarity.



Participants enjoyed rousing services each morning. Keynote speakers Keith Burden (United States), Greg Bastin (France), Ramon Sanchez (Cuba), and Euribiades Gonzalez (Panama) delivered messages on the subject, “The Progress of the Gospel.” Jeff Turnbough (Spain) and Robert Bryan (France) presented daily workshops titled, “Leadership Matters,” during afternoon sessions. The seminars addressed the universal challenges of communication and leadership.

Attendees also explored the possibilities of sending missionaries to other cultures. “It was a hair-raising moment to witness,” says photographer Judy Lytle (United States). “I felt as though we were watching history—like Ms. Barnard starting all over again.”

In business, delegates elected a new slate of officers to the international Executive Committee. Gerardo Acevedo (Uruguay) was elected president; Luis Felipe Tijerina (Mexico) vice-president; and Steve Lytle (International Missions) secretary-treasurer.

Tentative plans were set in place for the 2010 Triennial meeting July 22-25, in Oklahoma City, immediately following the National Association of Free Will Baptists.

Secretary-Treasurer Steve Lytle summed up the historic gathering, “This was a highly successful meeting founded upon a strong sense of solidarity and participation, with an emphasis on seeking creative ways to share the gospel creatively in other countries around the world.”

For information concerning the 2010 Triennial meeting, contact Steve Lytle steve@fwbgo.com in English or Spanish.